June 20, 2024
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WHY DO I NEED, and why would I choose metal for my labels?

Metal is a fantastic material to work with and if often a lot more cost effective than many people think.  We work daily with aluminium (both rigid and foil), brass and stainless steel.  Depending on the process used we can print in full colour or mono, engrave or fibre engrave, punch or stamp the labels.  So why use metal?

  • Aluminium is a great low cost material, but heavy duty.  Printed or engraved, aluminium labels are great value for money
  • Brass creates a nice polished effect and is ideal for many presentation uses
  • Stainless steel is a very heavy duty material we work with and can engrave or print on it making it practically indestructible
  • Many clients use metal labels for Asset Identification by making a durable long lasting label with sequential numbering or barcodes
  • All of our metal labels can be made with self adhesive, drilled holes, both or neither depending on your method of fixing
  • We can make metal labels to any shape, making your options endless and a hopefully you agree a great reason to “choose metal for my labels”
  • There’s no minimum order (but the unit price often gets lower the more you have)