Industrial Labels

  • Gas Stickers

    Gas Stickers (13)

    Here at The Label People, we provide a wide range of heating and gas service...

  • Alarm Box Stickers

    Alarm Box Stickers (3)

    Alarm Box Stickers.  Print your own design for alarm box stickers, for alarm boxes.

  • Identification Pipeline Labels

    Identification Pipeline Labels (31)

    Identification Pipeline Labels.  Pipeline labels supplied in packs of 5. Range included popular id labels”air”,...

  • Health and Safety Labels

    Health and Safety Labels (33)

    Health and Safety Labels.  Prohibition warning labels. Water safety notices “hot water” “drinking water labels”

  • Ductwork Triangles

    Ductwork Triangles (7)

    Ductwork Triangles.  Ductwork identification triangles range include all standard air condition labels required

  • Tool Hire Labels

    Tool Hire Labels (8)

    Tool Hire Labels.  Diesel only labels and unleaded petrol symbols notices. “Read instructions before use”...

  • Garage and MOT Labels

    Garage and MOT Labels (3)

    Garage and MOT Labels.  “MOT Due Labels” and “Next service due labels” Visual aid to...

  • Barcode Labels

    Barcode Labels (5)

    Barcode Labels.   Barcode 39 Numbered Labels are great for most every day applications. EAN Barcode...

  • GHS Labels

    GHS Labels (9)

    GHS Labels.  GHS Labels or Warning diamonds, are printed on an external grade material ensuring...

  • WEEE CE and UKCA Labels

    WEEE CE and UKCA Labels (34)

    CE and WEEE Labels helping to comply with current legislation. Also in the range “made...

Industrial Labels

Identification pipeline labels are used as essential markers used in the oil and gas industry to provide information about pipelines and their contents. These labels play a crucial role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in pipeline operations.

Using GHS Labels in places where dangerous chemicals are used, is vital to help people see the risks that come with chemicals and remind them to handle them safely.  The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) provides a worldwide system for classifying and warning about chemical hazards. GHS labels are a key part of this system.

Verification of Safety: Gas Safe stickers provide visible proof that gas-related work has been completed by a qualified professional. These stickers give peace of mind to homeowners, landlords, and tenants, knowing that the installation or maintenance work has been carried out to the highest safety standards.

Health and safety labels are critical components in workplaces where hazardous materials, equipment, or environments are present. These labels serve to communicate essential information about potential hazards, safe handling procedures, and necessary precautions to protect the health and well-being of workers.

Industrial Labels, for every type of communication, reducing human error to visual reminders, such as never forgetting your next MOT and service again.