Domed Labels

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Domed labels are ideal to add a premium look to your labelling and brand. Once printed the labels are domed with a polyurethane resin which is self healing, protects the print and creates a premium finish. Buy and design online today.

Domed labels offer several advantages that make them popular choices for branding, product identification, and promotional purposes. Here are some reasons why businesses use domed labels:

  1. Improved Appearance: Domed labels have a three-dimensional, raised appearance that adds a premium look and feel to products. The glossy, clear resin coating creates depth and dimension, making the labels visually appealing and attractive to customers.
  2. Durable and Long-lasting: The polyurethane resin coating used on labels provides a protective layer that enhances durability and resistance to scratches, fading, and wear. This ensures that the labels remain vibrant and intact, even in harsh environmental conditions or high-traffic areas.
  3. Brand Differentiation: Domed labels allow businesses to stand out and differentiate their products from competitors. The unique, eye-catching appearance of the labels helps products to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on consumers.
  4. Customisation Options: These labels can be customised to suit specific design requirements, including logos, graphics, text, and colours.
  5. Applications and Industries: Domed labels are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, including automotive, electronics, appliances, consumer goods, and promotional items. They can be applied to various surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood, making them versatile for different product types and materials.
  6. Professional Appearance: The high-quality finish of the labels used for product branding or promotional merchandise, adds a look of elegance to any application.
  7. Weather Resistance: These labels are weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to moisture, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations without deteriorating. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.