Electrical Labels

Electrical Labels will help you comply with health and safety regulations,  keeping your staff, visitors, yourself safe and happy within your working environment and various workspaces.

  • Fast Next day delivery on all labels purchased online
  • Lots of personalised label options
  • Add Electrical contractor logos (ECA, NICEIC, Napit etc)

Within our range of labels, you will find Periodic Inspection LabelsRDC Test LabelsHarmonisation LabelsCircuit Detail Labels, General Electrical Warning Labels (as well as Engraved Electrical Labels, Danger and Warning Labels, and Voltage Labels). You will also find Amp and Earth Labels, Labels for BS7671, Solar PV Photovoltaic Labels, Phase Discs and Symbols, and Lockout Labels.  Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels, and finally Advertising Labels.

We told you that we have Electrical Labels for everything and everyone! And if by some strange chance you can’t find the label you need, drop us a message here

Best Practices For Your Labelling:

  1. Clear and Legible Information: Ensure labels have clear, legible text and graphics for easy understanding. (We handle text size, fonts, and sizing for you.)
  2. Standardised Format: Use a consistent format for electrical labels across installations for uniformity. (We offer various options to match your needs.)
  3. Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Periodically check labels to ensure they are intact and up-to-date. Replace any damaged or faded labels promptly. (While our labels are UV stable and won’t fade, it’s wise to inspect older labels from other manufacturers.)
  4. Employee Training: Train employees on the importance of electrical labels and how to interpret them for safety compliance.
  5. Comprehensive Labelling: Ensure all relevant electrical equipment, panels, conduits, and hazardous areas are appropriately labelled to reduce confusion and risks.