July 12, 2024
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The Label People Company news.  What a ride we have been on for the past three years hey!  So I am going to do it, I am going to put into words what we have all been through over the past few years but then hold tight because if you are reading this we have all made it and we do have some great things to show you and tell you about that we have been working on!

Brexit….Pandemic….Fuel Crisis….Energy Increases….Wars in Europe

Well that feels like a bad sci-fi movie doesn’t it, but we are grateful and thankful we have made it through and are very much focusing forward on the things we can control, baring in mind you guys have gone through the same things, we are mindful of ever increasing costs and how we can help.

So hold tight!  In 2019 just prior to the pandemic hitting we made some hard choices to restructure the business to be as slick as possible, this helped incredibly when a short month or two later we were all locked down.  Our work crosses many industries and the majority were still working as key workers which allowed us to still be there helping with the supply chains, especially in the medical industry who were channeling new products and needed labelling yesterday.

However it was this flexible approach that enabled us to be available to our customers in the times they needed us, as many more industries came back to the arena and working hours were more fluid, we knew people were going to be working to a new normal no longer always 9-5.

With this fresh approach, changing in working hours, we knew we wanted to emerge again all fluffy and phoenix like with a new fresh look.  A bright, happy, place for you to purchase your labels, enquire on any projects you are unsure of, or just just sit and bask in the vibrant colours (kidding).  It’s been a while since we have updated the company branding, logo and colour scheme, and after instructing our own designers and four more external designers (so we didn’t influence them too much with our ideas). We have a few options (see below), for our logo.  We did an extensive group meeting of all ideas and threw in a bit of feng shui and the logo’s below are where we are currently (get voting on your favourite!).  This is your website too!

The main website has had a little freshen up, but with 15 years of history in there, we are having a new website being made in the background too.  This we have packed with some great features, and we have some brilliant ideas to help you guys going forward with new products to purchase online and a quick quotation feature which hopefully crosses the barrier of quick prices reply and comprehensive you have all options.

So stay tuned, we will keep you updated more when we have them implemented ready for you to try.

As always, thank you so much for being part of our business, we appreciate you all very much. Hope you have enjoyed our The Label People Company news.

Have a great day, and wonderful week,  and like your labels….just roll with it :-). 

printed labels on a roll
printed labels on a roll