April 13, 2024
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Bespoke Printed Candle Labels for your Business

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Printed Candle Labels

  • Premium quality
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Stand out with spot varnishes/and embossed effects
  • Unusual shapes/designs
  • Competitive pricing
Really make your candle products stand out, you’ve done the hard work with the candle, you’ve designed the branding and label, let us bring your candle to life with beautifully crafted labels.  Get a price today to see how we can help you…  
printed candle labels

Reignite Your Candle Labelling

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What information can you put on your candle label?

Here’s a few ideas for information commonly printed on candle labels:

  1. Product Name/Scent: It may seem obvious but people want to know what to expect when they light the candle.  Let them know the name of the candle and the scent.  Using great descriptive words can really help involve and emotion in the potential buyer to help sway sales in your favour.

  2. Brand of Manufacturer: Make yourself know and remembered and don’t forget to include your company name and logo.

  3. Ingredients: A list of ingredients used to make the candle, including the type of wax (e.g., soy wax, paraffin wax), fragrance oils, and any colourants.

  4. Safety Instructions: Safety warnings and instructions for proper use, such as “Keep out of reach of children” and “Trim wick before lighting.”

  5. Burning Instructions: Guidance on how to burn the candle safely, including recommended burn time, extinguishing instructions, and precautions for use.

  6. Batch Number or Date Code: A unique identifier or code indicating the batch or production date of the candle.

  7. Country of Origin: The country where the candle was manufactured or produced.

  8. Recycling Information: Instructions for recycling or disposing of the candle and its packaging responsibly.

  9. Additional Information: Any additional information relevant to the candle, such as certifications (e.g., organic, cruelty-free), allergen warnings, or environmental claims (e.g., eco-friendly, biodegradable).


FAQ's Candles

Most frequent questions and answers

Your candle labels can be printed onto a cost effective matte or gloss laminate material.  Once printed the ink is laminated to protect the label design from the wax and oils.  This helps make them longer lasting and durable.

Simply contact us on the form below with the size you need your labels to be printed, and if you would prefer the matt or gloss finish.  If you are looking for foiled aspects or spot varnish print on your designs, do let us know what you have decided for the finished look.  

Once you have decided on and signed off your material and finished look for your labels.  We will send to production with a standard turn around time of 7-10 working days.  Should you have a backlog on production or exhibitions due, you can pay for our fast track (certain material restrictions apply), 3 days turn around.

Generally yes, your labels will be supplied on rolls.  This is unless you have specified an alternative.  We also supply label applicators for easy application, so do check these out to see if any would be suitable for you.