May 29, 2024
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What are Asset labels?  They are…

…markers that are used to identify ownership of specific types of physical assets e.g equipment. The labels can be made to include information that makes it possible to track the location of the assets, as well as key data that relates the asset back to a specific department or division of a company operation.

Who uses Asset labels?

Asset labels are used by schools, academies, sporting organisations, businesses, local authorities, offices, hospitals, councils, government agencies, work places etc…

Asset labels are suitable for labelling all types of equipment such as:  iPads, tablets, printers, projectors, screens, cameras, computers, office equipment etc…

What are the benefits of using Asset labels?

Asset labels are an effective way to keep track of any inventory, stock or assets you may have, available in many forms however are essentially a way of identifying belongings in your work place or the difference between items you own or stock you have within your company.

Asset labels benefit countless private companies across the UK by helping create a record of all their assets with a database kept by the company after all items are tagged with an asset label.

Asset labels are cost-effective and hold numerous of benefits including identification of items, improved tracking of items and easier collection of data and control of inventory.

Different types of Asset labels…

Standard Asset Labels

Standard asset labels are ideal for everyday marking of internal equipment. Perfectly suited for offices or schools, these labels offer exceptional value for money!

Extra tough Asset Labels

Ideal for asset marking in tougher harsh environments, these labels are perfectly suited for industrial and external applications and offer real value for money.

Aluminium foil Asset Labels

Aluminium foil asset labels offer the ultimate durability and performance.

VOID Marking Asset Labels

Ideal for use as warranty seals or as a security deterrent.

Write and Seal Asset Labels

Write and seal asset labels offer the best solution for on the spot asset labelling.  Information you manually write on the label is sealed beneath the part-laminated flap.

Barcode Asset Labels

Ideal for many applications, our labels on rolls offer sequential numbering sequence and/or bar-coding.

With over 20 years experience in providing Asset Label and Asset Tag solutions, you can be assured of high quality Asset Labels, direct from the UK’s leading manufacturer.