May 27, 2024
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Save Time on Site with Pre-Printed Personalisation…

Around 10 Years ago, we introduced to the UK a range of PAT Testing Labels available in both Standard and Personalised Versions.
The concept behind the Personalised Version, was simply to allow the Testing Company to advertise their company details, typically name and phone number with the premise of promoting their service and helping to “ensure repeat business”
In hindsight, it became a logical step for clients to start printing additional information for two exciting reasons…

More Professional

Although our labels are easy to write on with a normal pen, some clients prefer the “pre-printed” look.  We’ve always used a contrasting black print to insert company names, numbers and other details on the labels.

Faster Installation

By pre-printing as much information as possible on the PAT Test Label, the amount of time writing on the label is significantly reduced.  Although some clients have all the information, including dates and numbers added, some choose to just have initials, numbering or part of dates.
Check out some examples here (scroll down)
There’s no limit to what we can and can’t print on our PAT Test Labels.  We regularly print a variety of details including sequential numbering, tick boxes, barcodes, QR codes and Initials.
Whether the main reason for including personalisation is professionalism or time, is really down to the tester and their company and the objectives of their organisation.
It’s not just pre-printed or personalisation of the label that can improve the speed and professionalism of your testing.  At a more advanced level we can also offer…

Multiple Sizes

Need a bespoke size PAT Test Label or something an unusual shape or for a specific application?  With 1000’s of types of stock tooling at our disposal, we have the solution for different sizes.


We can offer a diversity of means of presentation including several labels across the web, supply on sheets or rolls or any choice of dispensing method (wide or narrow edge leading, foot, head or side dispensing)
With decades of experience in PAT Test Labelling and Printing our team are ready to work wih you to provide the exact type of labelling you need for your PAT Testing work.