April 14, 2024
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Over the last 10 years, we’ve discovered that not every client wants the same thing.

Different size companies, organsations and individuals are driven by different motivators, industry factors and goals.

As a full service label printer, we pride ourselves on not providing a “one size fits all” solution and provide a range of label options depending on the clients requirement and budget.

Some customers are driven by low cost and require the lowest possible prices for their business.  At the opposite end of the spectrum we have clients who, put value above cost to portray the message and brand identity they require… like this Electrical Contractor…

We can provide Electrical Safety Labels as low as £ 8.50 per 1000… but it’s a rather generic solution… far from the solution we provided for this local Electrical Engineering Company.

With corporate identity and brand portrayal high on this clients agenda, we developed two labels incorporating a three way combination of Xeicon’s CMYK print, Gloss UV Varnish and Copper Foil.

The clients main objective was to portray their high quality image, while complying with BS7671 Electrical Requirements.

Dispensed on rolls, this quality label combines several processes to produce a sublime end result.  The foil element on the one label fills little over 2% of the label, but serves it’s purpose well.

The advertising label is bright and clean with clear corporate identity and brand messaging.

We’re delighted to have worked with Level Electrical Engineering on this project.

There can be few Electrical Installations with such stylish and creative labels on them as work undertaken by Level Electrical Engineering Ltd

Coming Soon in Part 2

How we achieve Low Cost Label Solutions