May 30, 2024
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Asset labels are a great way of labelling your valuable assets and equipment to keep track of them, reduce theft and maintain an inventory. The choice of asset labels is massive and often difficult to match the correct label to the application.

Not any more. The below guide shows the types of labels available, what they are used for, and the cost you can expect to pay. Here goes…

Budget Asset Labels

These low-cost labels are made from Matt white vinyl with permanent adhesive. They are printed in a single colour (plus black) and include barcoding and/or numbering. Ideal for internal applications only where the label is not exposed to over handling or wear.

Price – You can protect and identify 250 Assets from £ 22.95

Heavy Duty Asset Labels

Offering increased adhesion properties and durability, heavy-duty labels are made from a semi-rigid vinyl and have an ultra-aggressive adhesive. Printed in a single colour (plus black) these labels are ideal for internal and external use where items are handled more or exposed to moisture, UV light, and cleaning.

Price – You can protect and identify 250 Assets from £ 39.95

Silver Asset Labels

These asset tags are almost identical to Heavy Duty labels, but these are made from a satin silver polyester for a metallic look and appearance.

Price – You can protect and identify 250 Assets for £ 29.95

Premium Asset Labels

Manufactured from a high tack adhesive vinyl, these labels are printed in full colour and are perfect for including company logos or bespoke designs. Once printed these labels are laminated for increased durability and are perfect for a wide range of internal and external applications

Price – You can protect and identify 250 Assets for £ 52.00

Barcode Asset Labels

Produced to the same specification as budget labels, barcode labels are printed in black only and are perfect for low-cost internal barcoding uses.

Price – You can protect and identify 250 Assets for £ 14.95

Stocked Labels

Manufactured from the same specification as budget labels, these stocked labels feature popular versions of standard asset tag wording. Available in a choice of standard colours.

Price – you can protect and identify 250 assets for £ 45.00

Security Labels

There are two sorts of security labels

I) Void Marking – these white security labels are printed in colour and once applied they leave behind the word “void” upon attempted removal to clearly show the asset has been tampered with.

Price – Protect 100 Assets with void labels for £ 89.00

Ii) tamper evident – also available in white and printed in colour, self destruct labels can not be removed in one piece, meaning these are great as a security and theft deterrent.

Price – protect 100 assets with tamper evident labels for £ 41.00

Metal Labels

There are three sorts of metal asset labels. The difference is in the thickness of the metal. All metal labels are incredibly durable, scratch, water, solvent, abrasion-resistant, and UV stable.

I) 0.13mm aluminium foil. Not to be confused with “foil”, “hot foil” or metallic materials. Aluminium foil is 1300 micron thick making it ideal for curved surfaces. Available in black print and self-adhesive only.

Prices from £ 195.00 per 100

Ii) 0.5mm aluminium. Printed in full colour for complete flexibility. Available with self-adhesive, drilled holes or both for fixing. It can be used on slightly curved surfaces.

Prices from £ 215.00 per 100

Iii) 1mm aluminium. As the above material, but twice the thickness. Ideal for very demanding environments. It can only be applied to flat surfaces.

Prices from £ 230.00 per 100

So there it is.  The definitive guide to Asset Label materials, their uses and associated costs.