June 24, 2024
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Anybody recognise the expression “buy cheap, buy twice”?  

One of the biggest issues with regards to asset labels is the sheer amount of different labels and tags available, and the massive diversity in the prices of them. A quick google search shows every type of material available including void polyester, tamper evident and high quality anodised aluminium asset tags / labels.  So should you focus on budget Asset Labels?

It’s one thing making sure you find the asset label that is best suited to your requirement, but once you’re this far, how do you then know the price you are paying is fair and reasonable.

In this guide, we’ll look at firstly the materials we use for budget asset labels, then the application of the labels, and finally how much you should expect to pay from any asset label supplier.


Budget Asset Label Materials

Budget Asset Labels are made from Matt white polypropylene. A good definition of this material is:

A top-coated Polypropylene film with a general-purpose permanent adhesive with excellent UV resistance and weatherability. A good label choice for a primary brand and product labels on rigid containers, secondary promotional labels, asset labels, informational labels, external labels/signage, and safety labels/signage.

Matt white pp is a very popular material used for all manner of label types. It does not rip or tear. The adhesive is strong and one e applied to a clean and smooth surface will not come away easily. The asset tags are printed digitally and the ink will not fade or scratch internally,

Budget asset labels, made from Matt white pp can normally be supplied on fan-folded sheets or rolls dependant on the volume.  When looking for budget asset labels, avoid paper stocks. Although paper is great for many products, it easily rips and tears, making it unsuitable for Asset marking.

These asset labels are printed in a choice of colorfast solid inks, in addition to a black sequential number, or barcode depending on your requirement,

What are the applications of budget asset labels?

Budget asset labels, are incredibly cost effective, but as you would expect have some limitations as to where they can and can not be used,

These Asset labels should only really be used in internal environments or very temporary external ones. As the label is not laminated it offers little protection against external elements.

Suitable asset labels can be used on most internal equipment (PC’s, laptops, monitors, desks, furniture, office equipment, etc). It is best to avoid items that are handled excessively, such as phones.

These labels do not feature a lamination over the print, so it is best to avoid using them in kitchen or bathroom environments.

Bets practice, is also to apply the labels in areas where they will not be prone to unnecessary handling or contact. Also, site the label in a location where it will be less prone to “picking”.


Our budget asset labels come in three sizes and start from £22.95 for 250 labels… under £ 0.10 per label!

With Matt white pp costing approx £ 1.00 per square metre, prices in the realm of £ 30 to £ 50 per 1000 labels are spot-on for the type of label.


If you’re looking to identify and protect assets in a mainly internal environment, with no over handling or cleaning, budget asset labels are a fantastic purchase offering exceptional value for money and fit for purpose labelling.

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