April 13, 2024
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M&B was looking for a solution to their marking requirement. Their facilities team needed to identify and label various items on site, but past solutions lacked durability.

We had to develop a solution that allowed handwritten asset labelling and durability.

They needed the entire project completed within a short time frame, from design to multi-drop delivery.

Mitchells and Butlers

Established in 1898, M&B is one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK.

They provide a wide choice of eating and drinking-out experiences through our well-known brands and deliver outstanding service, quality and value for money to our guests.

Asset Recording and Tracking at M&B

M&B runs an inventory checking system where appliances and equipment are delivered to one of their locations.

Part of their process involves assigning a number to these assets and recording it in their software.

In a fast-moving, demanding and typically catering environment, asset labelling is always challenging. M&B regularly uses, increasing wear on the surfaces. They clean items multiple times a day with cleaning solutions.

As such, M&B required a labelling solution allowing handwritten information to be added on-site. The labels should be durable enough to last considerable time in a demanding environment. We also needed to design the labels from scratch.

The Solution

There are many options when it comes to durability. Labelling and signage often fade, corrode and de-laminate in challenging environments.

After much discussion and testing, we offered one of our write and seal Asset labelling products.

The write and seal (also known as part-laminated) labels combine a standard and laminated label into one product.

Once printed, the over laminate is back-slit and applied to the label with one section removed.

This allows the employee on-site to handwrite the relevant information on the label and then “seal” the label using the pre-attached laminate. We’ve offered over-laminates as a different product before but write and seal labels have the laminate aligned to the label.

Requiring something obvious and identifiable was the main driving factor, and a red label with the M&B name on it was opted for.

We didn’t add much specific information to the labels, so M&B can use them in other areas.

Delivery and Completion

Printed and despatched to multiple locations, the M&B Asset Labels proved the winning solution to our customer’s requirements.

  • 50mm x 25mm practical size for handwriting information but not obtrusive
  • Non-rip matt vinyl for the base -easy to write on with an ordinary pen
  • Perm adhesive to ensure the asset labels stay in place
  • Printed red as the customers approved design
  • Part-Laminated with clear vinyl for durability
  • Supplied on rolls of 500 labels for easy distribution and storage

The End Result

The M&B Asset Labelling project was great to get involved in.

From listening to their original brief to seeing the project through from design to a multi-drop delivery.

If you want more information on our labelling and marking solutions range, get in touch with our team today.