May 27, 2024
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AJ Taylor is an Electrical contractor based in Brighton, East Sussex.  They undertake all aspects of electrical installation in domestic and commercial properties.

From an initial team of two electricians and an apprentice in 1983.  They currently employ over fifty fully qualified engineers and apprentices who receive continual training while working with them.

Recently they were looking for two sorts of labels to brand their electrical work.

Two Different Finishes

The idea was to produce two types of labels. One standard finish and one more premium that could AJ Taylor can position in places where it would look more integral and part of the installation

With this brief, we produced designs for standard gloss white pp label and a similar label but produced on the sheet before being made into resin domes.

Resin Domes Label Resin Domes Label Resin Domes Label Resin Domes Label Resin Domes Label Resin Domes Label

Borders can be a challenging aspect of any label, but we opted to leave the border in place on these labels. Having confidence in the manufacturing process is a big help when it comes to resin domes.

Once printed, the white pp labels were rolled onto cardboard cores, making them easy to transport and store. Once cured, we supplied the resin domes on trimmed sheets.

Find out more about the work of A J Taylor on their website AJ Taylor Electrical

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