April 14, 2024
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Healing Horse Sanctuary – SOS

Charity Work

A message from one of the Directors

So, some thing you may not know about us here at The Label People, (unless you have previously visited us at our Wombourne Site!).    We are MASSIVE animal lovers.   We have two collies of our own.   Two jazzy coated merlies Lake and Lacey.  We can tell you more about those another day as this blog will be LOONNGGG if we get on to their characters (and Lake’s antics!).

Each year one of the Directors *Lisa, for her birthday spends a day with an animal charity.  Last year was a donkey sanctuary in Ireland, the year before a horse sanctuary in Bromsgrove England.   And the year before that a Donkey sanctuary in Spain and so on.  In between this we also foster dogs for an English charity (usually collies, but we have had a Lab sneak through the doors too!).  Often the charities we support are animal based.  Shout out to Dianne heart Border Collie Rescue, and Susie Guessey from The Healing Horse Sanctuary and both personally and professionally donating of Brass tags  to Gill at The Border Collie Spot in Reading.  So when we say we are animal supporters we truly are.

If you can, please help…

Last night we were alerted to a plight of the Healing Horse Sanctuary.  They had been thrown a life line of a charity store for “free” in Bromsgrove.  The store was renovated and converted into a thriving space.  A lifeline to help support their 16 horses there at the Sanctuary.

As times are hard with cost of living, donations have become sparse.   The shop was a very welcome addition and all efforts were thrown into the making this successful for the ponies.  You can read the full story here you can read about the horse affected here.  However the short story, another larger charity has came through and is taking the store from them.  Thus leaving them with no fund raising events this year and no source of income.

We appreciate that times are hard and everyone is making cut backs.  We know from sponsoring rescue dogs, and fostering it is difficult to pay for extra mouths.  Especially when your own family and animals already cost so much.

However if you can only spare a pound or two, or a bale of hay or a bag of carrots, you will be helping keep a little sanctuary going who help vulnerable young people in the area.  Healing Horse Sanctuary

Thank you for reading!  And if you want to hear anymore about the adventures of Lake, or the silent Director (she’s shy!), then do post in the comments.



*Lisa a behind the scenes Director as you may have guessed she prefers animals ;-), but you will get copy invoices and orders progressed.  And new ideas and growth also come from the silent animal loving one.

One of the directors Lisa – When not cuddling the very needy Border Collie – you get your invoices 🙂
It was a loong summer but worth it #dogcalledelvis #fosterdog #pounddog
We don’t usually show the before’s as they can be upsetting, but here’s the little poundie before he blossomed.