May 29, 2024
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You are probably wondering why we have written a blog about a person… that you have probably never heard of. Well, Stan Avery is the man who invented the self-adhesive label. Without his invention – we wouldn’t be able to write this blog today.

All the way back in 1939, Stan Avery invented a machine that made self-adhesive labels with a $100 capital investment from Dorothy Durfee (school teacher and future wife!). To create this fantastic machine, he used a motor from a washing machines, various parts from a sewing machine, and a saber saw. Impressive! As well as creating the machine, he was also founder of what is now the Avery Denison Corporation. Today, the company makes pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive labels for consumer and office use, under the Avery brand name.

Over the years, Stan Avery improved, both, the finished product and the manufacturing process, by developing synthetic adhesives and a quick-release coating for the label backing sheet. This makes it easier to peel off individual labels. He also developed a production process for printing an entire label run in one production line, as opposed to two or three stages. Due to all of this amazing work, he received 18 patents!

Here at The Label People, we offer our own range of self-adhesive labels which we can print company logos on, product branding, or warning notices. We have our own material and printing press to help with all of your printed label requirements. We also offer a range of smart finishes, as well as colours. Printed labels are ideal for branding and promoting new products, keeping customers up to date with new product information, and warnings and advice labelling. They are supplied on rolls or sheets and we offer a quick printing process for large or small quantities of labels, and we can pantone to match colours.

If you would like to find out more about our self-adhesive labels, please Contact Us. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form on the bottom of our website with your enquiry, and one of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.