July 12, 2024
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What are Security Labels or Tamper Evident Labels?

Security and tamper evident labels are labels that are used to help deter theft and removal of property or used as warranty seals.  Depending on the label you choose, any tampering of the label will be clearly seen and will leave a visible mark as evidence.

What Security Asset Label should I use?

This really depends on your application and intended use.  Evidently is someone in intent on stealing your assets or products, a sticker will not stop them unlike an alarm of the building or safes.  However they are an identifier that will be almost impossible to remove and will raise questions of ownership.  They are also undeniable by site verification if any appliance has been tampered with in a way that would enable annulled warranty, to help protect companies against false claims.

However you use these security labels, they can be varied and can be adapted to your needs, check out the properties of each of the labels to see how they could work for you.

Which Security Label?
Security Asset Label What are the labels made from? What do the labels do…?
Void Label Polyester, with a permanent adhesive with void marking underlay.

When applied to a surface the adhesive label bonds to its environment and sets.  Should anyone attempt to remove the sticker, the top layer will remove however the bonded words “VOID” will be left.  The wording is bonded with the adhesive and is tough to remove.

Tamper Evident Label Also know as Ultra destruct, this label is made from a vinyl with ultra destruct properties.  Permanent high tack adhesive. Allow 24 hours for full adhesion, although usually this label grabs with in 20 minutes.  The label then becomes tamper evident as it will not be removed in one piece.  Shards break off in bits leaving lots of scraping ahead should you want to remove the label, leaving quite a mess.  When testing this label for tamper evident properties, please do so on non expensive or disposable items.
Holographic Label Satin white polyester with in filled hologram, supplied with high tack adhesive. Not as popular as the above two, this label is still occasionally used.  Showing similar properties to the VOID labels, removal attempt of the label will leave behind the holographic effect highlighting equipment or assets have been tampered with.


Things to consider…

Security labels and seals are an invaluable asset and do a great job within their ranges of capability for a relatively low expense.  However although the labels are equip with a strong permanent or high tack adhesive and they should remain intact for many years, they are by nature a label and can with much determination be removed.

Since there are a variety of surfaces and items it is not possible to determine how these labels will stick to all possible surface options.   For best practice stick the security label to a clean, dirt and dust free surface, and if testing allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure for best results.  The adhesive grows more durable the longer it ages.

What next?

Have a look at our ranges and determine which label may be best for your application, if you are unsure or can’t find the labels you need do contact us for advise and guidance.