July 12, 2024
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Silver & Gold Labels. 

To prevent us talking in cross purposes here, when we refer to silver or gold labels we are advising printing your design on to a gold or foil background (base material).

There is a process called hot foil printing, whereby we can also print “foil” parts of your design onto the label, although we are not restricted to gold or silver in this foiling process we can use an array of colours. Funnily enough printing labels on a hot foil printing press doesn’t always mean the label has a foil or metallic look to it….but we can go into that later

Gold and Silver Labels

Sometimes you may want to add a little luxury feel to your labels, we have added a metallised pvc to our range which when printed with our top of the range 1400dpi cmyk wide format printer we can help you create some truly luxury labels as a lower cost. This is perfect for smaller to mid-range print runs (100 off to 20,000 labels). For higher volumes we would look at our digital or flexographic printing options (but due to the higher volumes we can always be mindful of your budgets!).

Part Gold/Silver Labels

If your design does not lend itself to be printed “onto” gold or silver base we can also print your logos/or design with the gold or silver foils onto a white or clear base or backing label. This route also gives us the options or matt or glossy finish to your gold or silver printed designs.

Hot Foil Labels

We mentioned Hot Foil Label printing above, here is a little more information of what types of labels we can achieve with this process:
• Hot foil printed labels are a very cost effective way of producing short runs of professional labels with minimal set up costs.
• We can utilise a variety of different material depending upon your application… from self-adhesive paper through to heavy duty vinyls.
• Hot Foil is a very flexible labelling process, allowing special shapes to me made, the use of metallic foils and lamination.
• Our reel to reel hotfoil printers, utilise the traditional methods of foil stamping to produce eye catching labels on the roll.

Beautifully printed foil labels are perfect for smaller quantities anything from 250 to 10,000 approx. Gold and silver hot foil get particularly stunning label results.

• When a low run of labels is needed typically between 250 and 10,000 labels
• When a unique finish is required, i.e gold or silver embossing or foiling
• To enable a pattern to be printed
• Hot foil allows flexibility to laminate labels for extra protection
• Unique cutters designed for hot foil printers allow for perforations on label

What can I use Hot Foil Labels for?

Hot foil Labels have an enormous array of applications. Advertising Labels, Safety Labels, Embossed Labels and Metallic Label are all often produced using hot foil.
If you have a requirement in the region of 500 to 10,000 labels then hot foil may be the way for you. With 1000’s of stock cutters already in place, the only origination costs are likely to be printing plates which will only be applicable on your first order. A small printing plate typically costs in the region of £20.

Lead time (When will I get my Labels?)

We aim to get all custom labels to our customers within 5-7 working days. For urgent enquiries we do offer an expedite service and can print most label requirements within 2 working days. We have had last minute (same day/last week) enquiries and where possible we will always endeavour to help our customers who have been let down, if it is doable we will keep our printers and presses running for you. However please bear in mind we schedule work for our printers for 1-2 weeks in advance so please do only ask for “yesterday” delivery if absolutely necessary.

Why Us?
Simply? Because we genuinely care about the work we do and our customers. We work hard to employ people with the same ethos to offer the up most quality and hit deadlines to hit and exceed industry standard labels and delivery to you. All company profits are put back to upgrade machinery, incentivise staff, engage in better and unique training and printing systems, and to sponsor local events and clubs to give a little back to those who continue to support our business.

More on Hot Foil Labels
Fundamentally four components are needed to produce hot foil labels. A cutter (of which we have 1000’s), a printing plate (which is made when you order), a material (we carry plenty in stock) and rolls of foil (which we use to print the colours)

According to WIKI
Foil stamping, typically a commercial print process, is the application of pigment or metallic foil, often gold or silver, but can also be various patterns or what is known as pastel foil which is a flat opaque colour or white special film-backed material, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

We can supply any custom printed foil label, printed any shape, any size, and any colour. Labels can be printed and supplied on rolls or sheets.

• Custom Printed Foil Labels, printed from your design. Any quantity or size
• Add lamination for extra protection of your printed label
• Check out Domed Labels to stand out with your promotional items
• There are a variety of printing processes to ensure you get the best cost and delivery time for your requirement.
• High end custom labels or low cost stickers, we have options for all needs.
Printed labels, or engraved labels if you are looking for something different

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