April 14, 2024
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We love getting stuck in label printing across all sectors… but in this issue, we’re showcasing some recent medical device labels and how they fixed our customers’ dilemma!

The Oxygen Store 


Points to consider – Rolls, Colour, Run Length

As the name suggests, The Oxygen Store supply a wide range of medical and related items, including cylinders, oxygen systems, equipment and repair.

We had to create an advertising label in two designs—one to advertise their service and repair service and another to identify items they had supplied.

Being not overly demanding, we opted for a vinyl-based item and produced two unique designs – both to print in colour and varnished to provide UV protection. The client also required them to be supplied on rolls.

With a print run of 5000 labels split over the two sorts, the unit price was excellent, and for a matter of pence per label, these are now taking centre stage on many medical device labels supplied by The Oxygen Store

  • 80mm x 60mm – Gloss White Synthetic
  • Perm Adhesive to keep the label in place
  • Printed in full colour for brand consistency
  • Varnished with a Gloss UV varnish for durability
  • Supplied on Rolls, making them easy to transport and store
medical device labels for the oxygen store
Medical Device Labels on rolls for the oxygen store

Westfield Health 


Points to consider – Premium, Branding, Short Run

Insurance company Westfield Health needed to brand some items for a promotional event and an industry exhibition.

The item was a moulded plastic case and did not offer any obvious way to print and brand it directly.

As such, we set to work on a solution, and the customer opted for some printed domed labels to brand their items. Domed labels feature a 2mm self-healing polyurethane dome that sits on top of the printed labels. This protects the label and provides a very high-end premium finish.

  • 50mm x 35mm White Vinyl Labels
  • High tack adhesive for added durability
  • Printed in Colour as clients logo and branding
  • Domed with 2mm self-healing resin dome

Although for a promotional activity, we supply many domed labels for medical device labels

Domed Labels for Westfield Health
Domed Labels for Westfield Health ready to brand their promotional items

Oak Tree Mobility 


Points to consider – Branding, Colour, Durability

We’ve been working with the team at Oak Tree Mobility for many years, and as the name suggests, they supply a wide range of mobility items to the medical can care professions.

They needed some coloured vinyl labels to brand some equipment again for this particular requirement.

Nothing too complex about this, so once our team produced a suitable branded design, we set to work on an excellent simple gloss vinyl label with perm adhesive to fit their brief.

Borders and objects in a “quiet zone” can often create issues with print, but the delicate border proved no problem and this run of 1000 labels was tackled.

  • 50mm Diameter
  • Gloss white vinyl labels with perm adhesive
  • Printed in colour as branding
  • Supplied on trimmed sheets
Oak Tree Mobility Labels
Printed labels ready to be finished for Oak Tree Mobility

KS Stairlifts


Points to consider – Branding, Small Size, Cost

A no-frills contact information label was the brief from KS Stairlifts, which specialises in repairing and maintaining stairlifts in domestic or healthcare environments.

The purpose of the label was to provide contact information to end users whose medical team was on site so as repairs or maintenance could be conducted quickly and easily.

An essential aspect of this project was not to make the label too intrusive, so we opted for small 40mm x 20mm labels. We used white vinyl to make these labels, as a paper version may have looked inferior and out of place on an expensive appliance.

Once approved, the design was printed quickly and supplied on trimmed sheets. We use many different finishing processes for our medical device labels.

  • 40mm x 20mm
  • Gloss white vinyl labels with perm adhesive
  • Printed in colour as branding
  • Supplied on trimmed sheets
KS Stairlifts Labels
Labels for KS Stairlifts hot of the press

Amber Support Solutions


Points to consider – Durability, Branding, Sequential Data

Facilities experts Amber Support Services provide FM support to a variety of industries in and outside of the medical sector

With a vast equipment inventory, tracking and monitoring usage are tough, and they needed a solution to their problem.

We chose an aluminium asset label with 500 appliances to identify, many based in industrial and demanding external environments. Printed in colour and self-adhesive, these would be incredibly hard-wearing as the print is subsurface, so it will not scratch or be affected by chemicals.

The client was happy with the self-adhesive, but the design is complementary, allowing two small holes to be drilled on-site for mechanical fixing if required.

Finally, we printed the labels with a sequential numbering sequence to allow accurate tracking.

  • 50mm x 25mm
  • 0.5mm Anodised Aluminium – Radius Corners
  • Printed in Colour, including sequential numbering
  • 3M 467 self-adhesive
  • Supplied as singles, with a protective overlay to face
Medical Device Labels for Amber Support Services
Heavy duty durable labels for Amber Support Services, including sequential numbering

Here’s our brief rundown of some of our recent medical device labels and their projects and applications.

There’s a solution for all requirements, regardless of whether the purchase motivation is price, quality or speed of delivery.

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