April 13, 2024
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5 Cracking Labels from our New Range of Fire Stopping Stickers

Label Information and Advice

Fire and smoke dampers are crucial for keeping buildings safe from fires. They’re usually placed in walls or ceilings of ventilation systems to stop fire and smoke from spreading.

It’s really important that fire dampers work properly to prevent fires from moving through these systems. That’s why testing them is so vital. Testing makes sure they open during a fire and close afterwards.

Checking fire dampers also makes sure they work smoothly when there’s no fire, helping ventilation to function properly. This equipment is essential for protecting buildings and people during fires.

Our recent launched range of Fire Stopping Labels has all the labels you need to comply and manage your system!

Fire Damper Inspection Labels with Asset ID


These practical labels are made to 92mm x 48mm and as usual, printed on top notch materials.

These Fire Damper Labels have space to allow the Fire Damper to be assigned and Asset number for easy tracking. In addition the person carrying out the inspection can add their name and date of inspection for full transparency.

Normally suppled on rolls making them easy to transport, store and keep clean

BM Trada Fire Stopping Installation Labels with UKAS, Q-Mark and Your Details


We’ve packed in very many features to these Fire Stopping Installation Labels.

This multifunctional label features five writable boxes at the top for generic details such as the site information and installer details. Further down the label there are four rows to provide inventory information on manufacturers and names of components.

To make this label super functional, they are printed with your contact details including logo in colour, in addition to the BM Trade and UKAS Labels.

Measuring 100mm x 100mm these are fantastic labels for fire component inventory on site

Warning Corrective Action Required Labels


These labels are ideal for flagging up and identifying fire stopping equipment on site that requires repair, further inspection, or other corrective action.

Printed in contrasting yellow and black these are supplied on rolls making them easy to transport, store and keep clean.

The measure 75mm x 25mm so are easily identifiable for future checks.

Firestop Material Labels Warning Do Not Remove Personalised


This is one of our best sellers and asked for many times before the range was launched

These labels are perfect for recording when an opening has been sealed, when and what fire rating it has. There is also extra space for the printing of your company name and contact details to ensure repeat work and that contact information is where it needs to be.

Available in seven popular colours and manufactured on a practical size of 92mm x 48mm these labels can form a crucial part of your fire stopping programme.

Fire Alarm Call Point Labels



Fire Alarm Call Point labels for quick and easy identification of call points.

Printed with prominent red graphics in high definition, these labels feature a permanent adhesive to ensure they stay on place on site.  These labels are supplied on handy sheets and each label measures 100mm x 100mm

These are a very popular label and a professional solution to on site call point identification.

Don’t forget, we also do labels for the identification of fire hoses, fire extinguishers and other fire equipment.

Bespoke Labels Made to Order


In the unlikely event you can’t see the item you need, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to help you find the most suitable or commence work on a bespoke solution.

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