December 6, 2023
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Dome Labels…


What are dome labels?

Also referred to as Domed stickers, gel labels, and 3D badges, a dome label is simply a self adhesive label printed with your design or logo and coated with a 2mm resin.  The resin once mixed hardens to touch usually in 24 hours leaving a clear 2 mm high “dome”, effectively giving you a 3D look and feel to your label design.

Why dome labels?

Dome labels look very unique, you can’t help but want to touch them!  Doming your label design really can get your product or service to stand out.

Where are dome labels used?

*Automotive industries (gear sticks, manufacturer logos, wheel centres and steering wheel centers).

*Luggage and clothing, bags branding

*Caravans and motorhomes

*Vending machines and drink making

*Promotional items, product branding



Will they cost a lot?

Not at all!  We have several options available to you, including our full service from printing the label to doming and shipping, to doming your current label stock, to supplying domes for you to put over the top of your labels.  Just let us know what you need and we will get a price back to you, you will be pleasantly surprised!