May 29, 2024
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Industry – Pest Control

Client – Beaver Pest Control

Requirement – Labelling and Identification of nets

Solution – Non-adhesive labels and artwork design



The client Beaver Pest Control contacted The Label People in December 2016 with a request for some custom printed labels to advertise their company branding and information on the nets they use day to day. With the surface being difficult for traditional labels to be adhered to, a different type of label would be required. Something non-adhesive that could be attached to each net in a way that would be robust and long lasting.


The Label People used their expertise to create and offer a full colour printed banner type label measuring only 200mm x 100mm. Produced in full colour this ‘banner’ would be printed in the same way as conventional banners, with eyelets punched into the hems in the four corners. With 500 custom printed labels required, this would mean an impressive 2000 punches of the eyelet press!

The team at Beaver Pest Control were more than satisfied with our solution and proceeded with the order. This was followed by a brief artwork consultation and approval process before we went to print. The entire process was speedy and painless, meaning that the order was completed within 7 days.

The finished result was 500 high quality custom printed labels, on canvas in a ‘mini-banner’ style with 4 eyelets, for the client to easily attach to their nets with cable ties and string.

Other benefits

  • Low cost solution
  • UV stable, waterproof and durable
  • 7 Day turnaround
  • Fast delivery

Further comments

Along with their ‘mini banner’ labels, Beaver Pest Control also requested traditional custom printed paper labels, in full colour and laminated with adhesive backing for where it was possible to affix them in the traditional manner.

More Info

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