Electric Label Rewinder Glr 50


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Electric Label Rewinder GLR-50

Width Roll width 2.5cm to 10.2 cm
Speed 2.5 to 25.5 cm/sec
Core Size 7.6 cm
Roll Diameter 20.3 cm

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Electric Label Re winder GLR-50 Model.

Auto switching universal power supply for immediate adaptability anywhere in
the world.  Compatible with all Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer
printers.  Electronic speed control will automatically synchronise winding
speed to the speed of your printer.  Provides passive winding without
skewing print or barcodes on your labels.  Rewind from 2.5cm to 25cm per
second.  Easily handles labels from 2.5cm to 10cm wide.  Wind labels
face in or face out.

Physical –  Length: 25.5cm    Width: 25.5cm
Height: 21.5cm    Weight: 3.6kg    Electrical:
100-250 Volt 47-63Hz

Environment – Temperature 5 to 40°


The GLR50 comes with standard 7.6cm core holders and 20.3cm
diameter outer disks.  The following options are available on request at
the time of ordering:

GLR_MRK 1    1″ (25mm) Core Kit

GLR_MRK 1.5    1.5″ (38mm) Core Kit

GLR_MRK 1.75    1.75″ (44mm) Core Kit

GLR50-CAK    Core less adapter kit



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