Test and Inspection Labels

At The Label People, we believe that ensuring quality control for your products should be as easy as possible. With our huge range of Test and Inspection Labels, you can see at a glance whether a product has passed your quality control process. Test and Inspection Labels are perfect for any company that needs to carry out quality control and safety procedures. Within our Test and Inspection Labels range, you'll find everything to keep your quality control process on track including PAT Test Labels, Quality Control Labels, Barcode Labels, Inspection Labels, and Cable Wrap Labels. Each label in our Test and Inspection Labels line is designed to be sturdy, with a permanent adhesive that will withstand most applications. The print is durable for clear instruction. To explore our fantastic range of Test and Inspection Labels, you can order directly online or alternatively contact us to discuss your order. We manufacture 1000's of bespoke labels per week and our team are ready to discuss your requirements, including personalisation and customisation.

PAT Test Labels

Handy mixed PAT test label packs.  Passed and Failed Labels/ or Passed and cables wrap labels.

Quality Control Labels

Approve or reject items with a range of quality control labels. This range of stickers include quality control passed, failed or rejected labels.

Inspection Labels

Range of Inspection Lables

Cable Wrap

Cable wrap labels, as the name implies is a label designed to wrap around cables or cords and attach to itself.  Simply add any additional information to the label as required then wrap.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Fire extinguisher labels and signs. Maintenance record labels for the extinguishers, and fire extinguisher signs help identify extinguisher contents.

LEV Test Labels

LEV Test Labels. As recommended by COSHH.

Ladder Labels

Range of Ladder Inspection Lables



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