Red Covert Tamper Evident Security Tape – 6 Pack


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This red tamper evident tape, TDR490, featured on this page is covert, versatile and TSA-CCSP compliant.

The tamper evidence is designed to function within 60 seconds of application. TDR490 looks like a standard red packaging tape so provides simple, cost effective security without alerting people to the additional layer of product protection you have added.

When removed, these security tapes transfer all adhesive to the surface. After voiding, since most of adhesive remains on the surface (and little to none on the tape film), the tape film cannot be reused, which is an added security feature against unauthorised reuse of the tape.

This red covert security tape is used as a deterrent and for detection through a quick visible check – if the tape is VOIDED the package has been tampered with.

Roll length is 50m. Roll width is 50.8mm. Core 76mm.

Shipped in quantities of 6 rolls.


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