Standard PAT Test Labels

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Standard PAT Test Labels.  Passed and Failed Labels/ or Passed and cables wrap labels.

Portable Appliance Testing or (PAT) for short is pretty much like a regular check-up for electrical gadgets you’d find in offices, schools, and places where these devices are used. Its main job is to make sure they’re safe to use and won’t cause any electric shocks or fires.

“PAT testers” check for safety.

  1. Visual Inspection: They give everything a good look to spot any obvious damage, like frayed wires or cracked casings.
  2. Electrical Testing: They use special gear to run tests to make sure the gadgets are electrically safe. Tests include:
    • Earth Continuity Test: Checks if the grounding is working right to channel away any dangerous currents.
    • Insulation Resistance Test: Tests if the insulation inside the gadget is doing its job to prevent shocks.
    • Earth Leakage Test: Looks out for any sneaky currents leaking where they shouldn’t be.
  3. Functional Testing: They make sure the gadgets actually work as they should.

Once everything checks out, they stick on a label or tag to say the gadget’s good to go. If something fails the test, it gets fixed up or taken out of action to keep everyone safe.

PAT testing’s a must to keep workplaces safe and follow the rules on electrical safety.