Standard Valve Tags

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If you’re looking for tags, then you’re in the right place. On this page you can view and buy our standard range of valve tags, always in stock for fast delivery.

Our range of engraved tags are used daily by many customers, but more specifically those who operate in the heating and ventilation, mechanical engineering, air conditioning, building and facilities management sectors. If you’re an independent contractor or a large firm our cost effective valve identification product are ideal for your projects.

Engraved traffolyte valve tags are the preferred method of valve identification in the building industry. This section features our high quality pipe and valve identification tags.

Manufactured from rigid plastic and available in a range of colours these valve tags are supplied in various sizes.  They are packed in pre-bagged sizes dependant on your requirements.

Our tags are available to buy online right now and add them to your safety equipment. In addition to buying online you can also do so through our customer service team.

Now is the time to buy tags so you have them ready to install in you plant rooms when needed. Often used to identify water heating in conjunction with pipe markers these engraved tags are a super popular product. Don’t forget to order some ball chain connector!

Don’t forget we offer complete solutions for valve tagging including customer engraved tags made from a wide range of laminates and phenolic plastic sheets. And if it’s custom valve tags you need, then speak to us about our range of plastics, metals including Stainless Steel for ultimate durability.