Internal Grade (Indoor) Asset Marking Labels

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Internal Indoor Asset Marking Labels

Asset Labelling for indoor applications:

  • offices
  • schools
  • warehouses
  • shop
  • storeroom

Labelling helps keep track of where equipment belongs and makes it easier to find when needed. This is particularly important in shared office spaces or in situations where multiple people use the same equipment.

Clearly labeled equipment is less likely to be lost or stolen.  Overall, labelling office equipment is a simple but effective way to improve organisation, asset management

Purchase any of the budget asset label range for marking any equipment that is just stored and kept out of the way.  The smaller labels 25m x 23mm can fit onto plug tops if space is an issue.

Our Heavy duty asset range, is a semi rigid material and would be a great addition for any racking or warehouse application or computers/printers.  In office usage these would not usually require the recommended over lamination.  If any of your equipment is to be cleaned or exposed to chemicals it would be wise to purchase the over laminates to protect the print.  If you don’t want to manually laminate the labels you can purchase the fully bespoke asset labels, with the print protected with a lamination at time of production.

To add a little prestige to your asset labels, check out the metallic labels.  Any of the “silver range” are great for any marking indoors.  These labels not only look great but are also tear and humid resistant.

Check out the foil labels for more hard waring indoor environments.