Printed Self Adhesive Labels

Looking for printed labels?

From company logo’s, product branding, to information or warning notices, we have a material and printing press to help with all of your printed label requirements.  Standard white or clear vinyl printed labels that are water resistant, can be matt or glossy finish, and over laminated for extra protection against chemicals, water and UV rays.  Printed Labels  Any label size, cut to any shape or size.  Printed labels supplied on rolls or sheets.  Laminated or varnished, gloss or matt finishing.  Foil Labels Beautifully printed foil labels are perfect for smaller quantities anything from 1000 to 10000 approx.  Gold and silver hot foil get particularly stunning label results.  Product Labels Print your product labels in full colour print.  Ensure all your information is clear to read, a delight to see and will stay put.  

Custom Clear labels See through, transparent vinyl with a clear adhesive.  Print your custom design onto a transparent label backing when you want to use a transparent material to “see through” to your product or packaging.   Printing clear labels is simply to print the label design straight onto a transparent or clear vinyl.  The adhesive is also clear and transparent, ensuring the base is completely “see through”.  Almost any colour can be printed on to clear vinyl with some pretty stunning results.  When thinking of using a clear vinyl or material, do consider where you will be placing the label.  With no back ground colour to the label the application surface will be very evident and can over shadow the label design if the colours are not compatible.

Some of our clients purchase clear labels cut to specific shapes, to use as a protective cover for previously printed labels that may be showing wear.  This proves a cost effective way of getting a little more life out of current labels and print with out the expense of reprinting full designs.  We can provide clear cut labels to any shape and size.

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Looking for something a little unusual?

Try shiny gold and silver foils that make a stunning back ground for your designs to be over printed letting the foil shine through.  For more creative designs we can spot varnish or foil parts of the label print for added wow factor.

Or have your printed labels domed with a 2mm resin, the resin hardens to give a “bubble” or 3d effect.  Domed Labels Give your stickers extra protection with a resin coating.  The look of the resin gives an eye catching 3d effect to the label making it a very popular choice to ensure your product and brand stand out.  Using our dome label facilities in the UK gives you the edge on competitors waiting for longer world wide deliveries.

Block Out Labels Thick printed label with grey adhesive to ensure the surface the label is stuck too is not seen through your custom printed label.  Also called “cover up” labels, place over information or text to cover up or refresh material.

Printed labels, available in a choice of materials and adhesives suitable for any environment or requirements.  We have a variety of printing processes to aid any budget or specification.  High end production or low cost we have a range of solutions.

Custom Label Materials

We can print your custom labels on to a variety of materials, including paper (often found to be a cheaper alternative), vinyl most people know or have come across in the past, or also in the plastic family are polymers polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).  Foils and pvc films of gold foil and silver foil for labels.  There are also an abundance of tamper resistant materials if you are looking for custom labels for a warranty or seal, or protection of equipment.  Then there are finishes you can choose from a matt or satin finish or gloss.  The material can start with a white backing or transparent.

Most of the material choices are lead by your design and intended uses, so if you are not sure just ask, or ask for one of our generic sample packs to test for yourself what material would suit your custom label requirements.

Lead time (When will I get my Labels?)

We aim to get all custom labels to our customers within 5-7 working days.  For urgent enquiries we do offer an expedite service and can print most label requirements within 2 working days.  We have had last minute (same day/last week) enquiries and where possible we will always endeavour to help our customers who have been let down, if it is doable we will keep our printers and presses running for you.  However please bear in mind we schedule work for our printers for 1-2 weeks in advance so please do only ask for “yesterday” delivery if absolutely necessary.

Why Us?

Simply?  Because we genuinely care about the work we do and our customers.  We work hard to employ people with the same ethos to offer the up most quality and hit deadlines to hit and exceed industry standard labels and delivery to you.  All company profits are put back to upgrade machinery, incentivise staff, engage in better and unique training and printing systems, and to sponsor local events and clubs to give a little back to those who continue to support our business. 

We supply self adhesive labels to individuals, small companies to larger multi national companies.  Each and every customer matters to us, so we ensure we have no minimum or maximum label order quantities, and printers, and materials to suit all budgets and requirements.

Printed Labels are ideal for:

  • Branding and promoting new products
  • Keeping customers up to date with new product information
  • Warnings and advice labelling
  • Labels are supplied on rolls or sheets
  • Quick printing process for large or small quantities of labels
  • Can pantone match colours
  • Single colour or full colour print
  • Well suited for printing large areas of solid colour

Label Adhesive

Again depending on your intended usages this option is usually made for you.  Most labels are produced with a “permanent” adhesive as standard, This just means the label will stay put when placed on a clean dry surface and is not tampered with, should you need to remove the label, it will come off however it may leave behind adhesive which you can clean off with soapy water.

If your custom label is intended to mark freezer foods or is to be used in colder temperatures we can print your labels with a freezer adhesive, likewise a marine adhesive for boats and aqua applications.

For temporary label applications we can print custom labels with a peel-able adhesive, for short term usage the label will peel with no residue.  For long term usage or more testing applications there is a high tack adhesive that can be used.

Volume of Labels

We have put into place a variety of label printing processes to bring our customers the best printing solution to match their needs.  For quantities of up to 1000 labels we have a wide format digital printer.  This printer prints labels at 1400dpi full colour cmyk match.  These labels will be supplied to you on sheets of labels.  As a rough guide quantities of labels from 1000-10,000 labels are usually printed on our hot foil label printer.  For custom Label enquiries of 10,000 upwards depending on design will be converted and printed on either our flexo printer or our digital press, we can let you know the quickest or most cost effective printing option for your label at time of enquiry.  Depending on time constraints we can look to offer you an alternative label print option. Be rest assured we can cater for your requirements be it 10 labels or hundreds of thousands of labels, each customer is important to us.

  • Custom Printed Labels, printed from your design.  Any quantity or size
  • Add lamination for extra protection of your printed label
  • Check out Domed Labels to stand out with your promotional items
  • High end custom labels or low cost stickers, we have options for all needs
  • Printed labels, or engraved labels if you are looking for something different
  • There are a variety of printing processes to ensure you get the best cost and delivery time for your requirement

Low Pricing and Fast Service

We always try to match your label requirement with the best materials and printing processes to ensure you are getting the best printed label for the job at the best possible price.

Our standard delivery time is 7-10 working days from artwork approval.  This time does depend on the process we use for the printed labels as some processes are quicker if not waiting for plates and set ups etc.  If you do have an urgent requirement do speak with us as we may be able to move jobs around or look at different printing options.

Printed labels can be supplied on rolls or sheets.  We can protect the print with a lamination or varnish.  The label adhesive we use if “permanent” and this is used on all standard labels unless other wise requested.  We also have high tack adhesive, removable or peelable adhesive and freezer suitable.

If you are looking for an ultra strong label, ask us about the possibilities of printing onto aluminium labels.  The aluminium printed labels are supplied with drilled holes or adhesive.

The Label People Custom Printing

Digital Printing is great for on-demand digital sticky labels and overlay printing to excellent photographic quality with the added luxury of variable data serial numbering and barcode inclusion.  We print low run sticker on a wide format printer that combines speed, shorter set up times an no cutters or printing plates for cheaper low cost sticky labels.  For larger quantities we have a digital label press making light work of full colour custom product labels!

Flexographic presses are ideally suited to large print runs of labels, be it simply logo printed labels or product labels. Anything from single colour to full colour process can be created using up to 4 printing plates.

Are you looking for specific barcode labels, electrical safety stickers or security labels?  Check out a couple of common label uses including food labels and printed packaging labels.


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