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Under BS EN ISO 7010 and BS 5499 regulations, In order to comply with the smoke free regulations need to make it clear to employers and visitors by utilising this we have a popular range of no smoking signs, also designated area signs, smoking shelter signs. Our range includes no smoking signs for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with options for both indoor and outdoor use, with different sign materials to also choose from. Finding the right sign will be easy.

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Your Designated Smoking Area Is (White/Black) Sign

Your Designated Smoking Area Is (White/Black) SignFrom Only £4.64

Rigid Plastic or Self Adhesive Vinyl 150mm x 200mm, 300mm x 400mm

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*Designated Smoking Area - Safe or unsafe?

Under ISO 7010 and BS 5499, as with First Aid Signs and Fire Exits, signs relating to Designated Smoking Areas are deemed as safe condition signs.  These signs should always use white text on a green background alongside a tick or appropriate symbol.

 Whilst we actively endorse and wherever possible adhere to the relevant standards we feel in this specific instance signs permitting smoking should under no circumstances be deemed as "safe".  In acknowledgement of the damaging affects of smoking please note our range of signs utilises black to clearly differentiate these signs from Safe Condition Signs. 

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