May 27, 2024
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Custom Silver Labels for

Customer Case Studies

Transforming Brand Identity with Custom Circular Silver Labels for


Client Background:, a leading name in the remote control (RC) hobby industry, approached us with a unique challenge. They sought custom labels that not only reflected their brand essence but also enhanced the visual appeal of their products in a competitive market.

Challenge: required circular silver labels with white and red print to complement their product packaging. The challenge was to create labels that not only met their aesthetic preferences but also conveyed crucial information effectively.


Our dedicated team at meticulously studied the client’s brief. Uunderstanding the importance of precision in design and adherence to brand guidelines. Leveraging our expertise in custom label design, we proposed a solution that would seamlessly blend with’s packaging while ensuring clarity and durability.

Design Process:

We employed state-of-the-art design software to create a visually striking circular silver label. The white and red print was incorporated to enhance readability and draw attention to essential product details. The circular shape not only aligned with their ideal but also added a modern and dynamic touch to the overall design.

Material Selection:

Recognizing the need for durability in the RC hobby industry, we selected premium silver material for the labels. This not only aligned with’s desire for a sleek appearance but also offered a robust solution.


The finalized circular silver labels exceeded’s expectations.  The labels not only contributed to their professional brand image but also enhanced the visibility of key information, including model numbers and specifications.

Impact on Branding:

The custom labels played a role in reinforcing’s brand identity. The silver finish added a touch of sophistication, while the white and red print ensured essential details were easily noticeable, contributing to great looking label.


The collaboration between The Label People and resulted in a successful printed label. The custom circular silver labels not only met the client’s aesthetic preferences but also jelped their brand presence in a competitive market. This case study shows our commitment to understanding and exceeding client expectations through innovative and tailored label solutions.


ftx rc labels printed silver on rolls

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