Metal Labels and Signs

for labelling a premium product or for heavy industrial use... can't go wrong with our metal labels!

Our customers love our metal labels!  We generally find that Metal Labels are used to either provide a premium finish to a luxury item or brand or are used where a label is required to be very long lasting or durable.

We've a multitude of materials and processes available to provide the metal labels you need!


Metal is a fantastic material to work with and if often a lot more cost effective than many people think.  We work daily with aluminium (both rigid and foil), brass and stainless steel.  Depending on the process used we can print in full colour or mono, engrave or fibre engrave, punch or stamp the labels.  So why use metal?

  • Aluminium is a great low cost material, but heavy duty.  Printed or engraved, aluminium labels are great value for money
  • Brass creates a nice polished effect and is ideal for many presentation uses
  • Stainless steel is a very heavy duty material we work with and can engrave or print on it making it practically indestructible
  • Many clients use metal labels for Asset Identification by making a durable long lasting label with sequential numbering or barcodes
  • All of our metal labels can be made with self adhesive, drilled holes, both or neither depending on your method of fixing
  • We can make metal labels to any shape
  • There's no minimum order (but the unit price often gets lower the more you have)


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Foil labels mean different things to different people and we find that a few customers are getting confused and are possibly ordering the wrong material or label for their needs.

Let’s go through FOIL Label materials…

There are different types of foil labels and we are referring to what the actual label is made from, NOT hot foil label printing which is a process.  (Which we also do, so don’t worry if that is also what you are looking for, you are in the right place!).

Foil “Look” labels – This is a cheaper cost effective solution, the material is usually polyester or polypropylene with a coated silver or gold finish.  Matt or Glossy.

Foil Label – This is where you get a few options:

1: Labels printed on a metallised gold or silver PVC with a permanent adhesive, again this can be a glossy or matt finish in gold or silver as the base, with other wording or images printed on top.  This is the closest you get o a foil label with “label properties”…flexible/bendable stickers

2: For a foil label with benefits of metal, we can supply a sublimation print of your design onto a 0.13 anodised aluminium label.  This label is pretty sturdy with medium flex which means it can be fixed to a curved surface.

3: Hot foil printed label.  The base of which can be paper, polypropelene, pvc etc and your design is pressed or foiled onto the base creating a gold and silver top layer of your label design.

Aluminium Metal Label

Again this is a super hardy label that is used for any harsh temperatures/environments, usually used externally or on machinery or equipment branding.  The base is an anodised 1mm aluminium label and the print is sublimation printed and is protected “under the surface”.  Being a rigid label this can be fixed via screws or rivets into the pre drilled holes or self adhesive backed.

If you are still a little unsure of the best material to use, give us a call or pop a few details through our enquiries form and we will find the best material for your application

What to print?

With the help of new technologies and printing options we can now print or mark pretty much any design you may need onto a metal label for you.  This includes colour designs and l

ogo's to barcodes and numbering.  A lot of our customers use these metal labels with sequential numbers as asset marking or branding equipment.

Due to the hardy nature of the metal and fixings options of the labels (screw/adhesive), these metal labels are becoming more and more popular.  


We do appreciate not everyone has endless budgets in place for their labels regardless of how they need them to perform.  So we will work with you as much as possible bearing in mind the label design and the end use, we have a couple of different printing and marking processes so we are sure we will have something to meet your needs.

Lead time (When will I get my Metal Labels?)

We aim to get all custom labels to our customers within 7-10 working days, due to the process for metal labels our lead time is 10-14 workings days from artwork approval.  For urgent enquiries we can look at other processes or for smaller quantities move other orders around to accommodate urgent requests.  We don't like to move customers lead times so please do only ask for a quicker lead time is really necessary.  

Why Us?

Simply?  Because we genuinely care about the work we do and our customers.  We work hard to employ people with the same ethos to offer the up most quality and hit deadlines to hit and exceed industry standard labels and delivery to you.  All company profits are put back to upgrade machinery, incentivise staff, engage in better and unique training and printing systems, and to sponsor local events and clubs to give a little back to those who continue to support our business.

Look how great our metal labels are.. they're indestructible!




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Latest Product Reviews
Fantastic In everyday!!
Thursday, 11 June 2020  |  Dan

Great product, delivered the day after order so brilliant service! Can not recommend enough!

Sunday, 5 April 2020  |  Tim

We needed some asset tag labels for our business. Didn't want to spend a lot of money on an expensive system - there appears to be lots out there.
My only concern was Label People appeared too cheap, and I was worried about the quality.
The asset tags arrived in about 3 days and they are fantastic value for money.
I guess you can purchase higher quality versions - and pay a lot more money - but for a smallish business these asset tags are absolutely spot on - absolutely recommend the product and the company

Tamper Resistant abels
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Wayne

Excellent labels and an effective asset label providing company detail with asset number, the only reason it didn't get 5 stars was the delivery was just over a week from order to delivery which I was hoping for it to be quicker, but in fairness it was a small order