Materials for your Labels:

Mention the word “Label” and people often look a little blank for a moment, then connect labels to “stickers” or “self-adhesive” signs and then we are all on the same page.  A typically small sticky piece of paper either informing, warning, advising or promoting the item it has adhered itself too.  We don’t really think much further than there is print onto paper and “stuck” on.
However as with most things, the world of stickers and labels go much deeper and there are different materials for your label depending on the end application.  There is a deeper world of adhesive but we won’t go there just now.
If you thought your label could only be made from paper, you are in for a surprise. Here is a list of common materials we use here for printed labels, this list is not exhausted as we can source a vast array of materials just ask.

Most common labelling materials:

•    White gloss vinyl, permanent adhesive.  Layman’s terms shiny white tough label, with a sticky label back.  Label will stay in place.
•    White gloss vinyl, removable adhesive.  Layman’s terms, shiny white label with a temporary sticky label back.  Label will stay in place short term and can be removed.
•    White matt vinyl, permanent adhesive.  Layman’s terms, satin surface label with a permanent sticky label back.  The matt/satin/dull face of this label ensures you can write onto this label.
•    White semi-rigid Vinyl.  Layman’s terms, a thicker feel vinyl label.  Not as flexible, but very thick and ultra-durable.  Our thickest of all label materials with a permanent sticky label backing.
•    Clear gloss, with a permanent adhesive.  A transparent material with custom label or image printed on to the clear vinyl.  This clear label will be sticky backed and will stay in place.
•    White gloss high tack.  In real terms this material is a white shiny label with a very strong bond adhesive.  One for those with a real sticky label requirement.
•    Metallic silver vinyl with permanent adhesive.  A shiny silver foil material with a sticky label back.  This material can create some very striking results for foil labels.
•    Metallic gold vinyl with a permanent adhesive.  A shiny gold foil material with a sticky label backing.  This material is also used for some creative standout foil label designs.
•    Window cling/Static cling vinyl.  A non-sticky label or design that will cling using static to a window.
•    Tamper evident with a permanent adhesive. This material is part of our security range due to the properties of the label ensuring the label will break up on attempt to remove.  The label material is very brittle and once the glue has adhered over a 24 hour (optimum) period you will not be able to remove without the label breaking down.  *It is fun to test properties but please do not test this material out on your new apple mac!
•    Void material with a permanent adhesive.  This material is also part of our security range of labels due to the wording left behind upon attempt to remove.  The sticky label will be held in place until which time attempt to remove the label will leave the wording VOID in its place.
•    0.13mm Anodised aluminium
•    1mm Anodised aluminium
•    2 ply plastic

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