July 12, 2024
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After the amazing response we received from our last Bloopers Blog, we have decided it would only be the right thing to make a new one – here are some more of our favourites!

We don’t have enough fingers to count the number of errors on this sign! We are starting to feel sorry for stores who don’t have signs and labels designed by us…

Spelling is an important aspect of life, the only people who may disagree with that are the ones who designed this sign! Our health and safety labels and signs exceed the one pictured on the right substantially (see, we can spell big words).

Even though we don’t usually print on plant pots – we are sure that there is something wrong with these ones! Once again, poor spelling has cost this company a loss… but given us a laugh!

We just couldn’t decide which one out of these deserved the top spot of our Label Fails and Bloopers blog – mostly because we believe that toilet humour wins any competition!

From our point of view, there is no competition between these two absolute beauties! In just one post, we are all now aware of what you need to do to unlock your mobile, AND what the manager of your local supermarket loves. Maybe visit this place if you are struggling for that “planned” Valentine’s Day meal you forgot about?

So, here we are – The Label People, who create stunning, bespoke labels and signs, bring laughter to your life, AND have romance tips… what more could you need? If you think of anything that hasn’t been listed above, please Contact Us, or fill out a contact from on our website to find out if we can create something unique and bespoke for you and your business. If you enjoy reading our bloopers blogs, be sure to follow our social media sites; we are always posting something new we have found! Or, if you find something that you think is hilarious, why not send it to us via Facebook.