July 12, 2024
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You may have noticed that we are huge fans of hilarious label fails … now although we do not condone laughing at someone else’s failure – come on, they’re ridiculous, right? Because we love them so much, we have compiled a wonderful list full of all our favourites for you to laugh at too. We love spreading joy.

Our Top 5

This one is our most favourite so far! Where exactly is this super soft fleece blanket? Is this a fun game of Where’s Wally? Yes, we are asking the frequent question… is this a really bad joke? What exactly is she paying attention to? We’ll never know.

We could all do with some gentle guidance with our weight/appearance. This clothes label in China didn’t seem to get the gentle part of the memo.

You may have seen this little treasure on our social media sites recently. We just love it so much! We’re not sure how the printer came to the conclusion to add this guy to the ingredients, but there we have it. It made us think … what fruit would we be if we were one?

OK, so this one isn’t so much or a printing fail, but a positioning blooper! The people at this store need to start paying some serious attention when pricing items. Perhaps some unhappy shop staff member did this on purpose?

And finally…

We do quite a bit of signage printing, including road signs – but we’ve never been asked to do a sign quite as pointless as this one seems. Sometimes, just having no sign at all is the answer.

So, do you feel privileged to have seen our favourite fails? You should.

We are thinking about making this a regular occurrence on our blogs. Keep an eye out for our social media pages to see what crazy things we find in the coming weeks:

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Meanwhile, if you or someone you know has been affected by this blog, please contact us for labels without fails.