April 13, 2024
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Yes, we thought that we were going to stop finding hilarious label and sign fails too… but here we are again! This time, they’re even funnier (which we didn’t think was possible!) Behold, the best bloopers of 2017 so far!

Label Fails and Bloopers Part 3Both of these signs are in fact… correct! BUT – we aren’t quite sure what visitors are needing to protect their ears from in the toilet! If you ever go to a bathroom with this warning, please do let us know what strange noises you hear inside!

Label Fails and Bloopers Part 3Which would you follow? The text, or the symbol? Either way, it is a good idea if the symbol matches the instruction being given! Wonder how many people never got to their destination and still can’t figure out why?

Label Fails and Bloopers Part 3In a world full of health and safety, it is paramount to have the right signs to keep people safe and happy – but is this taking is just A LITTLE BIT too far? Compared to this one, our range gives you so much freedom!

Label Fails and Bloopers Part 3Okay, this one is just plain wrong (and gross?!)

WHERE are people finding places like this! Whoever uses this staffroom is very clear about what they want for their lunch!

And first place goes too …

Label Fails and Bloopers Part 3Here is the winner of 2017 so far! This little beauty has won for its honesty, dignity, and consideration of real-life people. We highly appreciate this sign and believe that it should be included within every health and safety label and sign range around the world!

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