Identification Pipeline Labels

Flow Markers are ideal for marking both the contents and direction of flow.

Acid and Alkali (Violet  Flowmarker) BS4800

Acid Pipeline Labels, Violet

Air (Light Blue Flowmarker) BS4800

Air Pipeline Labels, Light blue

Fire (Red Flowmarker) BS4800

Fire Pipeline Labels, Red

Gases (Yellow Ochre) BS4800

Gases Pipeline Labels, Yellow

Mineral Oils (Brown Flowmarker) BS4800

Mineral Oil Pipeline Labels, Brown

Steam (Silver Grey Flowmarker) BS4800

Steam Pipeline Labels, Silver Grey

Water (Green Flowmarker) BS4800

Water Pipeline Labels, Green


Pipeline identification labels are ideal for marking and identifying the service and direction of flow in pipework. Pipeline identification labels are supplied in handy packs of 5 labels. Manufactured from a high quality self adhesive vinyl. Each marker is 300mm x 40mm and has a twin flow direction system so you can simply remove the direction which is not required.


asset labels on sheet

asset labels on rolls

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