April 14, 2024
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The beauty of hotfoil labels

Hotfoil labels are our most popular product. We can economically produce labels in small runs. If you want to see holographic images, security / anti-counterfeit features on your labels at a reasonable cost hotfoil labels are for you..

  • Low origination costs and ideal for short runs
  • Quick lead times with minimal set up costs
  • Wide range of materials and colours to choose from
  • Massive range of stock cutters in place to reduce initial outlay
  • Special finishes available including lamination and part lamination
  • Supplied on rolls or trimmed as required

We Love Printing Labels for our Customers

Hotfoil printing offers an excellent solution for those with specific size or shape requirements who seek to avoid the hefty costs associated with conventional tool rotary cutters. Opting for hotfoil printing becomes particularly advantageous when aiming for a highly glossy or vibrant finish, such as silver or gold. With a vast selection of foil colors available in metallic and holographic materials, you can easily find the perfect shade and finish to meet your needs. Incorporating foil and embossing can significantly enhance product labels, providing a high-quality and attention-grabbing appearance. Moreover, hot foil labelling stands out due to its ability to accommodate short print runs while keeping setup costs low.

Hotfoil labels will be printed and supplied to you on rolls for easy storage or use in label applicators.  These labels are suitable for many applications and provide you excellent value for money. These labels are available in a variety of materials including self-adhesive vinyls, papers and polyesters. Specialities include tamper-evident and ultra-destructible products.

These labels can be printed with variable information including foil labels with serial numbers and barcodes.

For maximum protection against abrasion, the printed hot foil labels can be over-laminated with a clear film.

Using high quality Newfoil presses our hotfoil label service is one of the best in the UK.  Get in touch today to find out more and start your journey towards better hotfoil labelling.

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