Health and Safety Signs

Here at The Label People, we believe in safety first, which is why our range of health and safety labels covers all aspects of safety in the workplace and in general. From fire safety and warning signs, to multi-purpose signs and prohibition signs – we have everything you need in one place.

Mandatory Signs

Catering signs, general safety signs and personal protective equipment signs all included in the mandatory signs section.

Warning Signs

Warning signs include "electrical warning", "general warning signs" and "hazardous substances warning signs"

Electrical Signs

Electrical warning signs include "caution men working on equipment", "danger 230v sign" and "buried cables sign".

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs include "restricted access signs", "general prohibition signs", "no smoking signs" and "machinery signs".

No Smoking Signs

"no smoking signs", "designated smoking areas signs", and self standing folding signs all included in this sign range.

Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs in this range "disabled fire exit" projecting "fire exit sign".

Fire Signs

Fire signs including fire alarms and systems, fire action signs and general fire signs

First Aid Signs

"AED defibrillator sign", "eye wash sign" and "breathing apparatus signs"

Fire Door Signs

Fire door signs include "fire door keep clear sign" and "gangway keep clear signs".

Site Safety Signs

Workplace safety signs and labels, inluding "hazchem signs" , posters, "construction and floor signs", Factory labels and "good to go safety".

Construction Signs

Construction safety range covers "barrier tapes", "general construction signs", "site safety signs" and "temporary signs".

A sign printing service offering high quality general signs.

Custom Signs

Design your own custom health and safety sign or general custom sign with various material and size options.


Health and Safety LabelsImplementing health and safety labels into a workplace is easily done when you choose the right signs and labels for the messages you are trying to share. Some of these messages may be simple ones, such as the direction to a fire escape or fire assembly point. And some of them may be a little harder to share, like the various precautions you need to take to ensure workplace safety. Thankfully, The Label People have you covered (in some cases quite literally) since many of these labels and signs are mandatory.

Not all health and safety labels and signs need to be so permanent however- we also offer a wide range of temporary warning signs which will keep people within your workplace safe for the time that the potential danger is there for. These labels and signs include free-standing floor signs, which are usually used to indicate that the floor is wet or slippery, that there is a trip hazard, or that an item is out of order.

We like to keep things simple in a world full of rules and regulations, so why not take a look at our website or Contact Us to find out how you can do the same today.

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