June 24, 2024
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(or any of the other 100’s of colours we stock!)

Following the installation of further engraving equipment and the success of our range of valve tags and engraved labels, we’ve invested more in raw materials for a two fold reason…

Faster Lead Times

We’ve listened and learnt from our clients and understand the urgency with many HVAC engraved tag and label orders.  As such we now stock both finished tags and labels ready for shipment or collection, along with masses of raw material to engrave “on the fly” as it were…

Wider Choice

With no fewer than 20 stock colours, you’re no longer restricted to Black and White tags and labels.

Why should I use different colours for engraved tags and labels?

a) Colour coded projects. ie. Red for Hot, Blue for Cold
b) Corporate Colour Schemes and Branding
c) Visual Impact (see colour wheel)
d) To stand out and look different from the crowd
e) To portray a premium product without the high price

To ensure real value, we charge no extra for colours compared to black and white.

It’s not just our tags and engraved labels we strive to offer a great service on… We’ve also increased our range and stock of chains and fixings including more split rings, cable ties and stainless steel fastenings.

With large stocks, the latest equipment, and the most helpful team you’ll find, you can rely on The Label People to provide you with a flawless service of the valve tags and engraved labels you need.

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