Domed Labels

Get your product noticed with high visual impact custom designed domed stickers.  Send your brand 3d with this inexpensive way of standing out from the crowd!

What is a Dome Label?

A dome label is simply put a sticker with a protective resin coating.  The look of the resin gives an eye catching 3d effect to the label making it a very popular choice to ensure your product and brand stand out.

As well as making your label stand out the resin coating is highly durable, chemically and UV resistant and will not scratch or dent.  Dome labels are very durable and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and will endure long term use.  Domed labels are also referred to as badge labels, 3d labels or 3d stickers, bubble labels or bubble badges and resin labels.  Give your stickers extra protection with a resin coating.  The look of the resin gives an eye catching 3d effect to the label making it a very popular choice to ensure your product and brand stand out.  Using our dome label facilities in the UK gives you the edge on competitors waiting for longer world wide deliveries.

What are Dome Labels used for?

Because of the way these labels are produced they are much more permanent and do not show signs of ware and tear.  They are a great way to promote branding and products and are often used by equipment manufacturers applying them to their products using the 3 dimensional element for eye catching effect towards the brand.

They are also used in many other industries and productions including:

  • Control panels
  • Luggage
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Cars/Automotive
  • Promotional items
  • Trophy inserts
  • Pin Badges/badges
  • Jewellery
  • Company Branding
  • Product re-branding
  • New product launch

What are the Benefits?

This is one label with many benefits and options.  These labels can be applied to many different surfaces including rounded or curved.  It is a hard wearing, self healing label with means it is scratch and dent proof and looks “as new”.  The resin provides UV protection ensuring the design will not fade or yellow when exposed to day light.  Also providing endless protection against other elements and environments.

Label Doming Service – How we can help

  • Full doming service – We design, print and dome your labels.
  • Print and Dome service – We print from your artwork and dome labels supplied ready to use.
  • Dome Only service – You print labels and send to us, we dome and return fully domed ready to use.
  • Batch printing and home doming service – We print labels and supply manual doming kits for you to “batch dome at home”.
  • Batch printing and adhoc sticker doming – We print labels and supply “over domes”, domed resin you peel and stick on demand.
  • Supply batch home doming kits or over domes only.

Domed Labels are ideal for many applications including

  • Prestigious applications where image is important
  • IT, Promotional and Automotive Applications (wheel centres, gear shifts, etc)
  • Short or long run applications
  • Name badges and Asset Labelling
  • Areas of high impact or areas prone to abrasion

Trade Doming/Gel Bubble Labels:

If you are looking for a trade label doming supplier you are in the right place.  We offer a full doming service, from print to dome and ship direct to your customer, to our free issue doming, whereby you send us the labels you would like to have domed and we over dome the labels and send back to you.
For a easy service we offer all doming services with in 7 working days, if you are short on time let us know and we will see what we can do for you.
We aim to make like as easy as possible for you.  Let us help you as much or as little as you like.  We can do the whole service from prepping artwork, to printing and dispatching under plain cover with your company branded delivery notes or dealing direct with your customer (if you so wish).  We can take your lead with artwork and simple print and return the goods to your offices for you to brand with your company details.
If you are a marketing agency we can also work on a referral basis, being a preferred supplier we can take the stress and deal direct with your customer to ensure they are happy and retrospectively discount a commission back to you annually.
Why Us?

Simply?  Because we genuinely care about the work we do and our customers.  We work hard to employ people with the same ethos to offer the up most quality and hit deadlines to hit and exceed industry standard labels and delivery to you.  All company profits are put back to upgrade machinery, incentivise staff, engage in better and unique training and printing systems, and to sponsor local events and clubs to give a little back to those who continue to support our business.

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