Hygiene Signs

We at The Label People believe that it’s vital to remind people on your premises of the importance of good hygiene, cleaning, and correct food storage. Food poisoning is still a big problem in the UK. Our fantastic range of Hygiene Signs are designed to give clear instructions about good hygiene practice, including Hairnets Must Be Worn, Raw Meats Only and Wash Your Hands. Browse online to purchase directly or contact us to discuss your order. Every week, we make 1000's of signs to custom design and our team are happy to discuss any personalisation needs.

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Caution very hot water sign

Caution very hot water signFrom Only £3.69

Chopping board colour coding signFrom Only £5.46

Clean hands save lives sign

Clean hands save lives signFrom Only £3.69

Convector oven instructions safety sign

Convector oven instructions safety signFrom Only £1.88

Cooked meats only sign

Cooked meats only signFrom Only £3.69

Microwave oven safety instructions sign

Microwave oven safety instructions signFrom Only £1.88

Not drinking water signFrom Only £1.88

Now wash your hands safety sign

Now wash your hands safety signFrom Only £13.38

Raw meats only sign

Raw meats only signFrom Only £3.69

Safe storage of food signFrom Only £5.46

Safe use of knives signFrom Only £5.46

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Page 1 of 2:    25 Items

Use this range of catering signs to promote safe practice within your kitchen or hospitality environment.

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