Continual Investment in Equipment and Processes

As a leading manufacturer of labels, signs and identification products, we continually invest and install the latest equipment and software so you can be sure of high quality, commercially printed products at the right price.

Based at our office at Wombourne Enterprise Park - we can provide...

Wide Format Printing

Ideal for large signs and labels, in addition to small runs of bespoke shapes.  We have numerous materials available including gold and silver, along with many finishing options including gloss and matt lamination.

Hot Foil Label Printing


Despite more of a shift to full colour and digital work, our hot foil presses still run flat out.  Ideal for mid length label runs there is a huge range of foils and substrates to work with.  Not to mention specialist finishing options such as holographic foils and part lamination

Thermal Label Printing

We've no fewer than six Zebra printers working hard on mainly sequential, variable and barcoding work.  Thermal printing is ideal for low cost, spot colour work.  With no plate charges thermal printed labels are real value for money.



Ideal for low runs of rigid plastic labels, or larger runs with many different variations.  We can engrave on rigid laminates, brass and stainless steel.  Labels are normally supplied with adhesive backing or drilled holes for fixing.

Screen Printing


We use screen printing for medium print runs on both rigid plastic and vinyl.  Typically spot or two colour, screen printing provides high quality, accurate registration.  Screen printing is also ideal for garment and workwear printing.

Reel to Reel Digital Printing

Using industry leading Xeicon presses, we can provide high quality digital labels with no origination or plate charges.  Digital printing is ideal for shot to medium print runs and can be used where several designs or sorts are required.  

Flexographic Label Printing


Nothing can rival our flexo prices for high end work.  If you need more than around 10,000 labels, our flexo presses may hit the price point you need.  Incredibly fast and accurate, we print on a variety of substrates and can finish with many different varnishes, lamination or foil.

Resin Doming

Transform your labels using our speciality doming equipment.  Operating within tight temperature and humidity controls we use PU Resin to produce a 3D effect that enhances your brand

Lamination and Finishing


Easymount provide the laminating machines and finishing units we utilise.  Our plant also includes several guillotines, bench saws, grinders and bench drills

Decades of Experience.  Free Help and Advice


Our team have over 30 years experience in label design, materials sourcing and manufacture.  We always have a solution for your labelling project.  It's free to talk, so call our team any time you go through your requirements.

Artwork & Design

Our team have decades of label experience, at both design and manufacturing levels.  The following shows the standard artwork packages we offer


How to send us your artwork?

You may already have your artwork in place and be ready to progress to order, so what is the best file format?

Format preference…

*Any high resolution PDF/JPEG/TIFF/ESP/AI ready to print files.   This will ensure your artwork and logos or design are the highest quality picture for us to work from.  This will ensure your label prints to the clearest image.


Almost any good quality PDF/JPEG/TIFF file, the higher or larger the file size the better.  If the image looks clear on the screen we should be okay to work with this and prep ready for print.

We can work with if necessary…

Low resolution or copied website images.  Word documents or excel files.  Although we try our best to minimize any artwork charges and will do basic amends and fillers for no additional charge, prepping these sorts of images and files may incur additional charges depending on image quality and how it transfers to print.

If you do not have a file with your custom label design ready to print, do ask about our label design service.  This service is for a full label design.  If you are looking for an amend to a current design this will fall into artwork time depending on amends, if you are unsure, just send us what you have and we will advise.

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