Cable Marking Labels

Cable marking labels are important within the industry, due to the fact that they maintain and state the safety of electrical items. They help people understand whether an electrical item is safe to use, or not safe to use - having cable marking labels can prevent potentially life-threatening accidents from happening. Here at The Label People, we provide a wide range of cable marking labels that will benefit your working environment in various ways.

We provide a range of various cable marking labels, such as Loop Lock PAT Labels, Cable Wrap PAT Labels, and Self-Laminating PAT Labels. Loop Lock PAT Labels are a highly durable tag, and are great where you need a tie label that is non-adhesive. The clever tag ties to itself, meaning that it stays put where you need it.

Cable Marking LabelsCable Wrap PAT Labels, (also known as cable flex PAT labels) wrap around the cable and sticks to itself – another way of clearly identifying that a product has passed its PAT testing inspection. Our Self-Laminating PAT Labels are new to the range. It laminates around itself to ensure the details on the label are kept clean and clearly visible for people to see.

If you would like to find out more about our cable marking labels please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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