Labels for our Oil based products

Sunday, 17 April 2022  |  George

Printed Oil Bottle Labels

Oil's are the buzz word in the beauty industry at the moment.  There is an oil for every conceivable idea, hair, face, body!  Oil's for men, women, children and our pets.  Now what everyone has thought of is a great product (and it is....even for oily skin! Who knew).  Now no one really thought about the advertising of this wander product and needless to say the labels aren't surviving the oil!

Good job we love labels, and shopping for beauty products (knew that would come in handy eventually), and we can spot these things quicker than most.  If there is one thing to take away from this page, it's this nugget of advice...for free...

DO.NOT.USE.PAPER.LABELS, for your oil products.  The paper disintegrates and that not only leaves the user with a label they can't read the instructions or the benefits of.  If I love the product and get to the end, if the label isn't still there at the end...I don't know who to re buy from!

Now, that's the don't out of the way, here's what you can do here:

  • Buy top quality printed decals
  • 1400dpi high gloss, stand out beautiful graphics
  • Permanent adhesive ensuring the label stays in place
  • Over laminate, sprays or varnishes available, depending on your product.
  • Fast turn around, 5-10 working days from art work sign off
  • Free samples of similar labels for testing, or a sample of your order for a small charge.

Why us:

Well I think you can tell above we are passionate about a few things including labelling and beauty products.  It's in our interest your product succeeds, so you come back and buy more, so we ensure you buy the quantity you need at the best prices, depending on where your product and business is.

What next?

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