May 27, 2024
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Blank (or plain) labels have a million applications!  We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of blank or plain labels for many different applications.  If you’re looking for labels then contact our team today.

You can purchase as many blank labels as you need.  We have an array of material for you to chose from depending on your application or environment.  For example if you need a budget friendly, large volume of labels for barcoding shipping of postage labels.  Take a paper label, these have a permanent adhesive ensuring the label stays in place during transit.  However the label only needs to last as few days/weeks so you don’t need to blow your budget on the label that will be barely looked at.  If however this label needs to be removed easily, such as a vase you have purchased and don’t really want the pricing label to be on display for forever more.  Take advantage of the peelable labels, these can be removed much easier than paper blanks with adhesive.  But they will not just fall off!

If you are looking for a label to print with a little more prestige, think about metal foil labels, usually in gold or silver or holographic finishes.  You may need to check your printer capabilities to ensure your own printer can print onto these sub-straits.

  • Wide range of sizes available from stock
  • Choice of colours
  • Choose form permanent or temporary adhesive
  • Available on rolls or sheets
  • Materials available for inkjet, laser or thermal overprinting
  • Many standard sizes in stock

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