May 29, 2024
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Industry – Charity

Client – DRUM – Dependants and Relatives of the Uniformed Military

Requirement – Large banner for charity ‘fun day’ event

Solution – 6ft by 2ft ‘Fun day’ banner and design



Local charity, DRUM, contacted The Label People in January 2017 as they required a full colour printed banner which could be used to promote their upcoming fun day.

Dependants and Relatives of the Uniformed Military are a group of local people and ex servicemen who make a difference towards the families and children affected by war. DRUM self-fund through fundraisers and fun days to provide much needed funding to their chosen military based charities.

This year, for their charity fun days they turned to The Label People to provide a suitable banner. The banner needed to be waterproof and durable as it would be used outside and would also be reused several times through out the year. The client also required the banner to be a bright, colourful and eye catching design which would catch the attention of passers-by and help gather interest in the fun day.


The Label people used their expertise to create and offer a 6ft by 2ft large canvas banner printed in full colour with four eyelets on each corner to enable the banner to be affixed to a building outside. The banner was also designed with a blank section to enable the date of the event to be added each year, eliminating the need to buy a new banner each time. The client worked one to one with our graphic designer to create a colourful custom banner design which was perfect for the event.

The staff at DRUM were more than happy with the finished artwork design and proceeded with the order. Once the artwork was approved the manufacturing of the banner took less than 7 days.

The finished result was a high quality, brightly coloured canvas banner with four eyelets, the ideal banner to promote the upcoming charity fun day events.

Other benefits

  • Waterproof and durable
  • One to one artwork design consultation
  • 7 day turnaround
  • Cost effective solution


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