Dome Labels

Go 3D with your Dome Labels...

Doming your labels with a resin "gel like" mix, creates a stand out 3d effect to your labels.  The raised resin surface not only creates eye catching designs, but also protects the label against scratches with its self healing properties.

Dome Stickers

Where are Dome Labels used?

Dome stickers are used in a variety of applications and industries.  To name a few:

  • Product launch and show
  • Cars and vehicle logos
  • Name and pin badges
  • Company branding
  • Control Panels
  • Trophy inserts

Why use Dome Labels?

Aside from the great visual results you get from doming your labels, they are a durable label.  The resin is self healing ensuring you a long life label that is dent and scratch resistant.  The label will stick well to flat and slightly curved surfaces.

The resin also provides protection against UV rays, ensuring your label design will not fade or yellow.  This also protects against the elements giving you a water resistant crystal clear label.


Large 3D Gel Dome Labels

Domed Product Labels

Full Label Doming Service...

* Full service, we print and dome your labels

* Dome only, send us your current labels and we will dome them for you

* Dome on demand, we can supply hand held doming guns and resin kits for you to dome "in-house".  Alternatively we can send you sheets of over domes....these are clear gels that are manufactured to the size of your labels and you simply pop these over the top of your current labels for one off applications.

Fantastic Value for Money!

The look of these labels themselves most people would expect to pay a premium for the perceived value of the dome label.  However you may be surprised to know that the cost can be as little as an extra 9 pence a label!  It is not often you get such good value, looks and durability in one product, this is one label you will not be disappointed with.  Email us a copy of your label design for a no obligation costing,


Corporate Dome Stickers

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